10 Signs Checklist

Are Your Commercial Cleaner’s

Doing Their Very Best?


10 Signs Of A Job Well Done


There’s “clean,” and then there’s REALLY clean.” Which are you getting from your commercial cleaning service?

AAA Starr Cleaning is downright nitpicky about cleaning spots around the facility you may not see. Because even though they’re somewhat out of sight, these spots collect dirt, dust, and germs that eventually can contribute to a less-than-professional looking (and unhealthy) environment.

Use this checklist to make sure your current cleaning service is doing the best job possible. Or, if you’re using Starr Cleaning, this will just give you even greater peace of mind that your facility is being well taken care of!

     #1. The floors behind toilet fixtures. Sure it’s tough-to-reach, but this spot should be clean and free of debris.

     #2. Restroom stall doors. Both sides of doors should be free of fingerprints and spots; latches should be sanitized.

     #3. The floors underneath and behind movable items. Anything that can be moved, like chairs, small tables, planters, and trash cans, should be cleaned under and behind – not just around!

     #4. Entry areas and vestibule floors, corners and furniture. These areas are a customer’s first impression of your business. Every nook and cranny should be clean and free of dust and dirt.

     #5. Table and counter edges. The edges of tables and counters are often overlooked but just as important to cleanliness and appearance.

     #6. Air vent covers. These grab on to dust and grime for dear life, and if not regularly vacuumed or wiped can distribute allergens throughout your space.

     #7. Tops of wall cabinets. Even though we often see the surface above wall cabinets, they accumulate dust and should be wiped or vacuumed frequently.

     #8. Light fixtures. Light fixtures and bulbs collect dust and moisture, both breeding grounds for bacteria. Accumulated dust also reduces the efficiency of your bulbs!

     #9. Kitchen cabinet fronts and kick plates. It’s not just horizontal surfaces that need to be cleaned. Cabinet fronts often get splashed on and littered with fingerprints; kick plates get plenty of water and dirt on them, too.

     #10. The base of the trash can, underneath the liner. You might be surprised at how much “stuff” gets dropped outside instead of inside your liner! This should be cleaned when trash is emptied.


Our Starr Cleaning team cleans facilities in ways that gives our customers confidence and peace of mind: thoroughly, diligently, and with an eagle eye focus on the details. If you’re not taking advantage of our expertise, use this checklist to hold YOUR current service provider up to OUR standards.

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