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Clean Stainless Steel

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Olive Oil or Baby Oil: Rub stainless steel sinks with olive oil to remove streaks. Vinegar: To clean and polish stainless steel, simply moisten a cloth with undiluted white or cider vinegar and wipe clean. Can also be used to remove heat stains on stainless steel cutlery. Club Soda: Remove streaks or heat stains from stainless steel by […]

3 Important Office Cleaning Services to Help Survive the Winter

Snow, although light, friendly and fluffy in appearance can cause wreak havoc on office buildings creating quite the mess. When it snows many office buildings cover their sidewalks in sand and rock salt. When tracked in with moisture on people’s feet, you offices floors can be damaged. However with regular basis cleaning in the winter […]

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Winter in Edmonton, AB

Winter in Edmonton is upon us. With high amounts of snowfall and cold temperatures in our midst, we may be in for another rough couple months. When we spend more time inside the need for more frequent carpet cleaning increases. Outdoor elements such as moisture from snow and tracked in rock salt can also pose a threat to […]

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Services Explained

INTRODUCTION: When it comes to floor cleaning there are many terms that people often do not understand or are unsure of. Floor waxing, stripping and sealing, buffing and burnishing are some examples. When a customer calls depending on their description of their floors we decide which floor cleaning service is best for them. Below are […]

Choosing the Right Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Choosing the right post construction cleaning service can be a difficult task, not only do you have to make sure that they can fulfill your cleaning needs, there is also a level of trust needed in letting them enter your home or office. Here are some questions to consider when choosing a post construction cleaning […]

What Exactly is Post Construction Cleaning?

Well it is pretty obvious that post construction cleaning is cleaning done after you have construction done, but what specific tasks are involved? Whether it’s commercial post construction cleaning or residential post construction cleaning, similar tasks are involved. Below are several procedures that are involved with post construction cleaning. 1. Dusting: After construction is done, […]

Why Floor Waxing is Essential for Your Business

INTRODUCTION: Edmonton, AB is home to businesses large and small, but whether you are a large business or a small business regular basis floor waxing can make your office space shine! Floors are exposed to a lot of abuse, whether it is hard heeled shoes, sand or salt tracked in during the winter keeping your floors […]

Why Window Cleaning is Beneficial During the Fall

Many home owners only have their windows cleaned once or twice a year. The spring and summer are popular times to have your windows cleaned, but having your windows cleaned in the fall can be very beneficial to your home. During the fall, leaves and debris fall from trees and this can cause your window’s to […]

How to Protect Your Office from Germs with Office Cleaning

Let’s pretend we are germs following an employee around the office. From the moment our employeeenters the office we have set up base on the door handle every other employee will touch on their way into the office. Our employee then sits down at their desk, checks their email and answers a phone call. We have now […]

How to Find the Right Office Cleaning Company in Edmonton

In Edmonton there are many different companies that provide office cleaning services. Thus choosing the right office cleaning service can be a difficult task. Not only do you have to make sure that they can fulfill your cleaning needs. There is also a level of trust needed in letting them enter your office building, retail store […]

  • 7 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Cleaning Service
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  • You probably already know image that is important when it comes your everyday business. You want to welcome your clients to a pristine, professional environment, while your employees thrive in spotless surroundings. AAA Starr Cleaning stops at nothing to deliver outstanding results.


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  • We understand the critical nature of healthcare surface disinfection and assisting in preventing HAI’s. A clean, healthy environment is essential for the safety and happiness of your patients. AAA Starr Cleaning ensures the best practices that exceed the toughest medical cleaning standards and regulations.


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  • The cleanliness of your restaurant is a reflection of the food service you provide, and ultimately your brand. It’s important to create an atmosphere that your customers would love to be apart of. AAA Starr Cleaning ensures that every corner of your restaurant is welcoming and free of dust and dirt.


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  • Time for another celebration. We always love to throw a good party, one that the guests will remember. After a late night, the host/organizer tends to get exhausted, and the last thing they want to do is clean. That is where, AAA Starr Cleaning comes in. Give us a call and we will have your home, reception hall, or office cleaned up in no time!


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