Why Window Cleaning is Beneficial During the Fall

Many home owners only have their windows cleaned once or twice a year. The spring and summer are popular times to have your windows cleaned, but having your windows cleaned in the fall can be very beneficial to your home. During the fall, leaves and debris fall from trees and this can cause your window’s to become very dirty. Window screens act as giant filters, trapping dust and dirt which can cause your windows to become dirty. Here are several ways in which fall window cleaning can benefit your home.

1. Reason #1 Save on Your Heating Bill:

Windows are the biggest source of heat loss in your home during colder months. When windows become dirty less sunlight is able to enter your home. When less sunlight is able to enter your home more heating is required.

2. Reason #2 Protect Your Glass:

During the fall, winds pick up blowing leaves and debris around in the air. External factors such as these cause your windows to degrade over time. When windows degrade the glass becomes brittle increasing the chance of the glass cracking.

3. Reason #3 Have Your Gutters Cleaned:

When hiring a window cleaning company to clean your windows during the fall you should also ask if they clean gutters as well. When gutters get filled with leaves they can overflow. This can cause water damage to your home and can also make the side of your home and windows dirty. Cleaning your gutters will also help prevent Ice Damming during the winter.


The fall is the perfect time to have your windows cleaned. You can save money on your heating costs and increase the longevity of your glass windows. You should ask about gutter cleaning during the fall to protect your home and windows.

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