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7 Habits of Highly Effective Cleaners

Practice: One of the oldest and most over used cliché’s known to man is that practice makes perfect, but it is one hundred percent true nonetheless. Being efficient at cleaning requires practice. Skills such as attention to detail, technique and speed while cleaning are all enhanced through practice and repetition. The more you clean the more routine cleaning becomes and more importantly the easy it becomes.

Plan: Strategy is crucial when it comes to cleaning and can save you time along with a lot of frustration. Panning requires adopting a strategy to the task at hand. For example, cleaning a room in a clockwise rotation or moving larger objects out of the way before you start cleaning. Started a cleaning project with a plan in mind will make your efforts more efficient and less stressful.

Schedule: On top planning in the short term, planning for the long term is equally as important. Having a monthly cleaning schedule and sticking to it has two main benefits. It will help keep cleaning tasks from building up resulting in more work and it will help keep you clean. Monthly tasks include regular basis vacuuming, dusting and de-cluttering. More long term cleaning tasks include floor buffing, carpet dry cleaning and carpet shampooing.

Clean as You Go:  Procrastination and cleaning have been at odds with each other since the beginning of mankind. Putting off cleaning chores always results in two things, a bigger mess and more work. For example if you waiting to clean your dishes, stuck on food particle become harder to scrape away and you will have more dishes to clean as they gather in the sink. Cleaning as you go can be one of the most important cleaning habits to adopt.

Protect: Protecting yourself from stains, spills and accidents can save you big time. Part of protecting yourself involves a preparedness and know-how. Having cleaning supplies on hand and reacting quickly to the occasional accident can help you protect you possessions. Also considering carpet cleaning services such as scotch guarding can help insure you in the long run.

Motivate Yourself: Motivating yourself to clean can be difficult due the stress and lack of self-gratification involved with cleaning. Whether it’s indulging on your favorite food or doing an activity you enjoy, you should find a way to reward yourself for all your hard work. You can also take breaks while you clean or put on some music to help get you through it.

Get Help: Sometimes the task at hand is too much for one’s self and it’s best to swallow your pride and ask for help. Whether you ask a family member or consult a professional cleaning service provider, getting help can make a large cleaning task much easier and less stressful.

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