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Commercial Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning is a yearly practice many people follow that typically involves house cleaning chores, but many businesses also use spring cleaning as a way to clean the office and get organized. During the winter office spaces can become very dusty and rock salt and calcium chloride can wreak havoc on carpets and floors. Here are several spring cleaning chores your office should focus on.

De-clutter: Clutter creates dust which gathers around desks and can be bad for electronics and your health. De-cluttering and organizing your office will also open up space to make your cleaning more thorough.

Carpet Cleaning: Carpet cleaning is very important for your office. During the winter dirt and debris gets tracked into your office which if not cleaned up will decrease the longevity of your carpets, and cause them to lose color. We also recommend shampooing and steam cleaning your carpets as this will give them a more thorough cleaning than a vacuum and will leave them looking bright and new.

Floor Maintenance: Just like carpets the hard surface floors in your office can become dirty and lose color over the winter. There are many floor maintained services such as buffing, waxing and stripping and sealing which you should consider. It is important to have a regularly scheduled floor maintenance program so that you can ensure your floors are kept clean and maintained.

Window Cleaning: Getting your windows cleaned will let in more sunlight which will give your office a brighter more inviting feel now that the sun is out longer.

When it comes to office cleaning the spring is the perfect time to remove dust and dirt from the winter. Not only will your office feel better for your employees, but it will also look better in the eyes of your clients.

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