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Office Cleaning Tips for Fall

In Edmonton, AB the leafs are starting to change and it is getting cooler outside as Fall draws near. With the change in season however comes a change in our daily routines. We spend more time inside, coffee drinkers start drinking hot coffee instead of iced and falling leafs and debris can create one more mess to clean. Here are five Fall cleaning and maintenance tips for businesses to consider.

Keep Entrances Closed: During the Fall wind picks up and leaves and debris start to fall from trees. Prevent Leafs from getting inside your business by keep all entrances and windows closed. Dry leafs crumble easily and will leave you with a mess if customers step on them.

Entrance Mats: Protecting your business’s floors starts with an entrance mat. Entrance mats trap dirt moisture that would otherwise be tracked around your business. Over time this will save you money spent on keeping your floors clean.

Pumpkin Coffee Stains: Unlike a normal cup of coffee, pumpkin coffee contains flavoring that is orange in color. Although this delicious flavoring encompasses all that is Fall, the orange flavoring can make a simple coffee stain a whole lot worse. To remove the stain, the article of clothing must be laundered immediately before the stain can set in. Once the pumpkin coffee has set into your clothing it will be extremely difficult to remove.

Clear Drainage Systems: Buildings with flat roofs or gutter systems will collect falling leafs and debris. When water builds up in drainage systems you risk water damage and flooding. You should have your cleaning and maintenance company remove leafs and debris during the Fall.

Clean the Office: Every Fall you should consider having your entire office cleaned. Cooler temperatures means keeping doors and windows shut which decreases ventilation and increases dust build-up. A clean office will benefit you by providing a fresher and less dusty workplace for you and your employees.

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