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Green Cleaning Tips For Your Office

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Going green has become a global trend and a universal effort to reduce waste, reduce pollution and create an overall healthier living environment. In offices everywhere paper waste and energy consumption are a huge problem, but the good news is many offices are changing old habits and focusing efforts on going green. Making your entire office building eco-friendly can be a huge effort there are many easy practices that you and your employees can follow to go green.

Recycle: The first action we recommend to businesses everywhere is to start recycling and if you already do recycle, make sure everyone is recycling. Many businesses have recycling bins, but people often disregard it as a trash can and thrash ends up getting thrown in the recycling bin. Make sure your recycling policy is being enforced. Also make sure your paper recycling bins are distinguishable from you can and bottle recycling bins. By recycling paper in Westchester County, 50,000 tons of paper products were recycled, saving 850,000 trees in 2012.

Stay as paperless as possible: Using less paper on your office will not only reduce paper waste, but it will also reduce dust and improve air quality. Over time paper loses fibers which create dust which can make your office stuffy and possible damage your electronics. We recommend setting goals to reduce paper use in the office and to recycle the paper you do use. In the long run you can help reduce paper waste, reduce dust and improve air quality.

Improve indoor air quality: Part of going green involves creating a healthier environment and inside an office building there are significantly more airborne toxins than outside. We recommend keeping your windows open when it is warm outside to let in fresh air and purchase indoor plants for your office. Indoor plants have been tested by NASA as a way to improve indoor air quality on their space missions. Indoor plants filter air absorbing toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. By improving the quality of your office building’s air you will be creating a healthier environment for you and your employees.

Purchase green office supplies: Consider purchasing green office supplies such as recycled paper products. Everything from stationary to bathroom supplies can be replaced by recycled paper products. A lot of businesses have thousands of those little plastic pens in stock, but companies are starting to make eco-friendly pens. They are made from recycled material and are biodegradable. Consider purchasing green office supplies and in the long run you can help reduce paper and plastic waste.

Take the initiative: Set realistic goals for you and your employees and take the initiative to go green. Going green is not just a trend it is a global movement and more and more people and business are starting to play their part. By practicing green cleaning you and your office will not only be making a difference globally, but improving the quality of your work environment as well.

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